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Why do we forgot our past death and life and lessons?
The samskaras. The moment you are born you are covered with many sheaths, many black blankets of the Karma. You are born with the Karmas and so we are not pure. We have the chain of samskaras.. and we forget by the nature or rule that we must forget the past.. otherwise it would be Chaos in the world. The teachings are not to live in the past, live in the present. Then, make your future brighter by things in the present moment. It is a good thing that we forget. Philosophically, because of ignorance, Avidyā, we forget the past. What purpose would it serve if you were to know that you were a multimillionaire in past life.. so what.. or you were a King.. or any example.. so put yourself into that situation and think how will that serve. Or I was related to this person, or I was with you.. how does that serve this time, I do not know. But then again human beings are such that we are constantly justifying ourself to not feel guilty. That what we are doing is right or wrong because it is coming either the heart or mind and supported by either logic or feeling. One has to be very careful there I think… that is why we think we want to know.. to justify our actions in this lifetime.

Is it possible to believe that at one point we started with No Karma?
Probably.. that is a difficult to answer.. but yes I think when creation began we started with no Karma.. As the scriptures and the sages say - the creation, by the mind born, and the thought, and the being came into existence.. so possibly we started with no existence. That question is not easy to answer because if we started without Karma then.. where were we before? or how? and it is simply answered in many texts, this is the leela that just creates.. (leela - God's divine play.)

At the point when you burn through or have dealt with all your Karma then you are enlightened?
Yes you are enlightened or you are not bound by all the Karma. That is what enlightenment means. You are not any more in the principal of the Karma, you are free. Then you can choose to be reborn or choose not to be reborn. Free from Karma means you are no longer bound to be in the world you have emerged yourself with the Bhraman. But there again there is also a choice because the knower of Bhraman becomes Bhraman so then you have choice. If an enlightened soul comes back it only comes back for a pure reason, it comes back to help lead others out of their suffering. It is Absolutely the only reason they would come back, out of compassion of their heart to help others.

Is the true self emotionless?
Self is ever free, ever pure, ever wise, thats the simple answer. Ever free means it can not be deluded or affected by emotions or attachments or anger. Ever pure because it can not be affected by any Karma, it is never bound, so you can not ever put any stain on it or contaminate it. And Ever Wise, the Self knows the self. Its a complete knowledge and a complete realization. So self can not be emotionally attached.. emotions are from our emotional state of our being, which is before the self.. emotion can not affect the atman, you rise above all, one self realized is no longer thrown into the roller coaster of emotion. When ever the emotional state changes our feelings change and is not permanent but self never changes. It is the abode of Ananda so we are always feeling joy and bliss in the Self. That is why the Yoga texts suggests and advise going to the permeant. Once you reach there you will be forever sane because the waves of your mind never change.

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