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group at badrinath

(Group Photo in front of Badrinath Temple 2010)

The pilgrimage to India with Pandit Dabral holds my fondest memories. It was a feast for the senses as well as the soul! As we traveled to sacred places in the Northern Himalayas, we were nourished on many levels. Panditji had an amazing team of cooks & guides who journeyed with us and took care of all of our needs. We ate carefully prepared, healthy & delicious food. We ate like kings, traveled safely in SUV’s with experienced & skilled drivers and stayed in comfortable hotels along the way. The majesty of the Himalayan Mountains cannot be described; only experienced.

The peaceful atmosphere & beauty of Swami Rama’s Ashram nestled alongside the sacred Ganges River, was a welcome place of rest & rejuvenation both before & after we journeyed into the mountains. 

Traveling with like-minded people - we shared much laughter & joy, and supported each other, building what are sure to be life-long friendships. We shared both fun-filled activities: walking, hiking, visiting markets, village schools, stopping for chai & photography as well as many more serious and sacred moments visiting temples, meeting sadhus, priests & swamis, participating in ceremonies, and enjoying spiritual discussion & inspiration with Panditji. There was also time for quiet reflection, reading, meditation & yoga practice as we chose.

Panditji truly offers a journey that is “Beyond Imagination”. His kindness, constant joyfulness, attentiveness and care creates a safe & loving atmosphere for the outer journey, as well as for our inner spiritual journey. Panditji was guiding and teaching in every moment, offering us many opportunities to grow & learn. While we each had our own individual experiences, it seems safe to say that we all came back home feeling more connected to ourselves, to each other and to the Divine. And we all have many cherished memories in both our minds and our hearts. 

If there is any possible way you can arrange your life to go on Panditji’s next Pilgrimage – do it, GO! Your soul will thank you! There is something about being in the sacredness of India that transforms us in ways we are not even consciously aware of...And if you can stay a little longer, even better! Many of us went to the beautiful Ayurvedic Centre at Swami Rama’s Hospital after the trip for “Panchakarma” – an experience of cleansing & healing with daily Ayurvedic treatments (massage, steam baths, cleansing), nourishing & delicious food, yoga classes and much time for rest & relaxation. A perfect way to finish off your stay & arrive home refreshed & restored.

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