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b&w swami rama
Everyone is eager to know more about the path of spirituality. You long to know more, but there is actually a barrier that you create for yourselves, and that barrier is practice. You do not practice what you already know. You really do not need to know many things, but you definitely need to practice what you know.
~Swami Rama

Change as YOU can
When you understand that all your habits are formed by the simple process of repeating some action or thought again and again, then you can learn another process, that of undoing and changing your habits.
~Swami Rama

Samskaras are the "seed memories" of your previous actions, which you have stored in the reservoir within yourself. Sometimes a time comes in your life when you feel helpless and at the mercy of your samskaras because you do not work with yourself; you do not sincerely do your practice, you do not improve yourself, and you do not really want to change your personality. That is why this feeling of helplessness occurs.
~Swami Rama

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