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swami veda 2010

Anger is an overflow of energy whose field has become warped. Unwarp, and you become a dweller of the soul’s serene world.

Anger is a pain that seeks to hurl itself on to the imagined ‘other’. Eliminate the ‘otherness’ and your non-dual self dives in the moonwaters of perennial unity of the One Who alone has become manifest as ‘many’, and includes this ‘other’. That ‘other’ is but you projected as an image in the world-mirror. You and the image will wrestle only till the ‘otherness’ is vanquished.

Anger is an infectious disease. Seek to sheath yourself in compassion lest you be infected and the infection then spread and become an epidemic of battles and wars and mass eliminations. Guard yourself with all the weaponry of love, make an ever-expanding fortress of love, lest an imagined other’s nightmare infect your own mind.

Anger is a poison potion. It generates in you wars of the neuronal clusters, releases into your internal streams the death-dealing hormones of aggression. These daily poison sips sucked in by the cells and organs render them warped, voiding their self-regenerative capacities. A cell becomes distorted, an organ quits, an illness ensues. Cease this daily intake of poison drug so your cells may smile, your organs be as musical instruments of well-conducted orchestra and you live as a symphony the world flocks to hear.


May yours be a fragrant mind.

May yours be a crystal heart.

May you meet the serene soul, your own, that has re-dis-covered its lunar calm.

But ….

*** **** ***** ******

If you be angry

I will shape pitchers upon pitchers with the softest pure white petals of jasmines and lilies dripping with the early dawn’s dew. I will fill my fragrant flower vessels with the milk of the liquid light of love that nightly floods the gullies between the star clusters of the milky way. I will sweeten the light with all the honey of the honeycomb of the soon rising sun1 and will bathe your heart with this sun-sweetened delight from stars.

Then how will you be angry again?

If you yet remain angry

I will spray your whole prana and even your soul with the sweetest syllabic petals cooled in a chiming silver bowl filled with the most liquid vowels of the prayerful ancient charms and affection-wielding chants of celestial amity. Yes, I will spray you sprightly day and night, incessant especially in the moments between, with sippably softest serenades of these solace-scented sovereign psalms sung in the silent stillness on the sacred slender strings of my subtlest soul-ward-streaming sedate sushumna2 breath.

Then you will never be angry again.

*** **** ***** ******

To train yourself to direct the mind into pacific channels:

relax your forehead

feel the flow and the touch of the breath in your nostrils

not permitting a pause between the breaths

Continue While feeling the breath, think in the mind the beeja-mantra of peace: Om Sham through the length of the breath.

Maintain the flow of mind, mantra and breath.

--Swami Veda Bharati, 8th Dec 2010.

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Posted By Pandit Dabral

Daniele and Panditji

Article written by Daniele Belloni (seen above with Panditji, translating into Italian)

Last year Panditji gave his first ever Italian lecture and addressed the fundamentals of Yoga. This included  the guru principle and the guru-disciple relationship along the spiritual path of yoga. Everybody was so pleased to hear about Panditji's own experiences within the guru lineage and a wealth of inspiring stories about Gurudeva Swami Rama of The Himalayas and the beloved teacher Swami Veda Bharati.

This year at the end of March Pandit Dabral reached Milan, Italy, for a second seminar to be held within the YMT – Yoga and Meditation Training – program.  He gave a seminar about “Mudras and Mantras in the Solar Science”, so that the attendees had the chance to take a dive into a very particular aspect of the yogic discipline traditionally known as Surya-vijnana.

Panditji introduced the theme by relating the solar science to the teachings of a living tradition stating every field of yoga you deal with has to be approached through an initiatory process which can be formal or informal, but never devoid of the presence of a living teacher. The science of mantras played a central role in Panditji’s teachings where we taught a very effective repetition of the Gayatri-mantra. As Panditji explained, this mantra is considered to be the mahamantra par excellence and the Mother of the Vedas. We then explored the mudras to be performed along with the repetition of Gayatri-mantra, as well as some healing mudra for specific purposes.Action. Mudra. Milansuryanamaskar

On Sunday afternoons closing session, Panditji explained how the bija-mantras can be practiced along with Surya-Namaskara (the Sun Salutation). An in depth study of this asana sequence followed Panditji's introduction where everybody went through a vigorous hatha-yoga experience maintaining the mind focus on the sounds of mantras.

When leaving Panditji provided a gift for everybody: a very detailed daily schedule with asanas, pranayama, mudras and mantras designed for the seeker who wants to deepen the Solar science sadhana. Everybody were really happy and energized at the end of the seminar!  Panditji has definitely inspired people to take a step further towards a real commitment to their personal yoga practice. His engaging personality has left a mark in the hearts of the many who are waiting for his third coming to Italy in August 2011 for The Path of Fire and Light Seminar that he will conduct together with Swami Ritavan Bharati.