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When one has an emotional reaction,
where is the Witness in that?

Self is there, witnessing everything. Self is laughing at you saying "Aw look, there he goes again." Mind also witnesses, that is how you know "I am" having this thought. The Self is always constantly watching & guiding, but it is through the mind we watch. That is why they say, just rise above these emotions. Kids & wife & all of that is part of this, one day they are happy next day they are upset.. it is the nature of the world. It is not wrong or right.. We are simply talking about the nature of the world, the nature of the human life & the nature of the body the breath & the mind. And then in the mind, the emotions & the parts of the mind that everybody is affected by it. It may be more or less depending on where one is in their journey but ever one who has prana is affected by it, unless one is a master or self realized. And that is why they say to go toward self realization -- because that master is completely happy. It is the emotions & their changes that decrease your happiness. This understanding doesn't come by listening or reading.. it only comes by meditation & contemplation & turning inward. Thats why a lot of people will hear me say this, or hear this, and intellectually understand it.. but will they do something about it? Will it change their lives?
They don't..because it takes true practice and experience to KNOW.. everyone can give a nice lecture about it.. but like the Bhagavad Gita says, even the wise ones are confused.. even the wise ones behave exactly the same as one who is not wise. Wise means knowledgeable of the scriptures, of the technology of the philosophy and all of that.. Meanings, and who knows.. but real knowing is Self..Knowing who you Really are.. Self..
Like the quote from Swami Rama.. "The greatest book to study is your Self" and Then you will know. .. he says.. "The interesting part of this manuscript of so called life is the beginning and the end pages are missing.. you only have the middle pages with you. You don't know where it began and you don't know where it will end.. you have the book but its incomplete.. you carry the middle pages of this life.. you no longer have the past and you don't know the future"… Study the Self.
What is the Universal Power?
Universal power is the identical.. Universal power is unity, friendship, love, commitment, growth. What i mean by this is, the powers that are in everybody and part of everyone nature.. no matter where one comes, from they exist in everyone.. they are universal. The powers that are the nature of human being.. which are; to be compassionate, to help each other, to give and to forgive.. those are the True nature of the self and they exist in every human being.. And then the question comes, why does everyone then act differently? That is their ego.

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