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Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral, Ph.D is the Spiritual Director of
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Swami Rama of the Himalayas

Shri Swami Rama of the Himalayas, founder of the Himalayan Institute and the custodian of this Himalayan Parampara, this Himalayan Tradition, was very specific about the teachings he has brought to us. He was very particular that he taught from the scriptures and kept the authenticity of the teaching.

Swami Veda has spoken in great detail that yoga has become just a technique-oriented system.  We focus so much on technique that we have almost forgotten the life in yoga.  We have almost forgotten the spirituality in yoga science.  When we speak of yoga science, it is not just yoga alone. Yoga is a vast science that covers everything one needs to know.  Yoga joins all in one.  We must elevate ourselves to the level, where we understand this clearly.  That is yoga, the goal, the Parampara, that Swami Veda has in his mind.  He wants to teach us that yoga is not merely technique-oriented.  It has something in it, and we need to learn, we need to pay attention.  We need to follow and apply that life which is yoga.  Otherwise, the yoga science is a dead science.  It doesn't have prana in it.

We all are students of the Parampara. I am a not a student of Swami Veda or of Swami Rama.  We all are students of this unbroken Parampara, this Himalayan Tradition.  All the techniques you have heard and you know, they all are taken from the Himalayan Parampara.  The Himalayan Parampara is like a tree.  All other techniques and systems are like branches and leaves of that main tree. We are here to experience and follow those techniques, that prana in our life, and then be of service within the tradition. 

I recall a story from the Shvetashvatara Upanishads. There was a boy, Satyakama Jabali.  He goes to a teacher to learn the great science of the Upanishads.  He asks the teacher humbly, "Would you please teach me the Upanishads?"  The rishi accepts him as a student and says, "From tomorrow morning, the teaching will begin."  The next morning comes, & the teacher tells him, "Take my cows to the jungle; take care of the cows & do not come back until they are double.  If you take ten cows, when they become twenty, then come back."  Imagine if that was you, what would you have thought?  The first thought will come, you probably will refuse, or think I didn't come for the cows, I came for teaching!   That is the teaching that we must understand.  You may write a letter to Swami Veda and If you don't receive an answer, it does not mean that he is not guiding you.  It does not mean that he is ignoring you. 
Satyakama goes to the forest,  takes care of the cows that his teacher has given to him with so much love, commitment and devotion.  He did not have any second thought.  He said, "What my guru wants me to do, I must do."  For 12 years Satyakama was in the jungle, taking care of the cows.  In 12 years they were double.  He came back with the entire knowledge. He knew everything. Even though he was not with his teacher, the teaching was going on in a different form.

Swami Rama of the Himalayas always taught about the inner guru, about the Parampara.  He said, "I am not the guru; I am not the guru that you think."  Parampara is the guru.  We must not lean, not identify ourselves that he or she is my guru.  There is only one guru and that is itself, the Tradition itself.