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A few days after that Marpa took Milarepa to another spot and told him to build a four-angled building there, 9 stories high with an ornamental upper part forming a tenth story. Milarepa asked that Marpa's wife came to be witness to his words, and she did, saying, "of course I can stand as witness; but the guru will not pay any attention to us. Besides, he is doing an altogether needless thing. Besides, this site is not ours by right." Her husband said, "Merely do what you are asked to do, to stand witness and then get away home. You don't need to raise questions no one asked you to raise."

See if there was not a secret plan

Others who witnessed the building project, said, "It seems as if Marpa really means to build on this spur."

Still others said, "He has got hold of a novice from the Highlands, one with a mania for building, and he keeps the poor young man busy all the time building houses of unapproved patterns on every ridge, spur, and knoll round here. Then, when the building is half finished, he gets the young man to pull it all down again and carry the materials back to where they came from. Let us wait and see."

But the house was not pulled down this time, and Marpa's relatives said, "The pulling down of the others was only a feint to mislead us, and prevent our objecting at the onset. Let us pull it down now!"




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