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A disciple of Marpa, Milarepa is a famous saint in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. His story is one of sincere devotion and unfailing Faith in Guru and his desire for enlightenment is an inspiration for many on the path of Self- Realization.

Building houses as a futile undertaking

Milarepa wept bitterly. But next morning Marpa came to him and gave him another task instead. Milarepa was to build a house for one of Marpa's sons. But after Milarepa had built half of it, Marpa came and asked him to tear it down and take back the stones and the earth used in the building, to the place he had taken them from.

Now the lama, who looked intoxicated, took Milarepa to a ridge and ordered him to build another house there, and described once again how he wanted it built. But when Milarepa has built half the house, Marpa came to him while he was working and said that even that house would not do, and that Milarepa must restore the clay and the stones to the places he had taken them from. Milarepa obeyed.

For the third time Marpa took him to a ridge and asked him to build him a really nice house there. Milarepa entreated him to consider matters well this time and only then to give him the orders.

Marpa: "I have thought well over the matter."

So Milarepa started to build a triangular-shaped house, as directed, but when he had built one third of it, Marpa came down and said, "Who gave you the order to build a house like this? See that you demolish it and do as bidden with the materials."

By this time Milarepa was much grieved. He had a big sore on his back, but kept his misery to himself, not daring to tell the lama and his wife about his condition. That motherly lady said to her husband, "Your useless building undertakings are only wearing out the poor youth's life. Marpa then agreed to impart four formulas to Milarepa.

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