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Swarupa- Our True Nature

Pandit Dabral


Yoga is meant to be uplifting ourselves from wherever we are - uplifting all aspects of our being so that we know ourselves. So that we may improve every aspect of ourselves and enter into our real nature.


Anything else that is done, it is part of preparation. The aim of Yoga is that you will know yourself. What do you mean by that? That simply means that human beings, all of us, we do not know our real nature and the practice of yoga is undertaken so that we know our real,  true nature, as it is explained in Yoga.

Swarupa:  Swa- your own. Rupa means your form or your nature. Rupa- this is what we see in front of the mirror and what others see. It is not the true form. Our true form never changes because it is ever free, ever pure, ever wise. Unchangeable. Anything that changes, it is not the real form. Because today this is real and tomorrow something else is real. So how would I trust which one is real? We are constantly changing - a change is happening at every micro-second. Something that will change is known as Samsara- the world. Or Jagatjagat means that which moves. Everybody is moving; we are a moving principle. Therefore, there is jagat or samsara in me. In all of us. And there is a samsara without or outside of me. Both are changing, inside and out. So that which changes today is this way. Tomorrow it is another way. It is not true.


 That is why yoga says your Swarupa, your own nature, it never changes. It is identical. Amazing thing! It is identical.  Your nature, my nature – True Nature – we are talking about. We are not talking about the persona based, personality based nature. That, of course, is different because each one of us has a different mind.

 So the True nature is identical…..Yoga is after THAT nature. And another unique and amazing thing is that this True nature and the nature of God are one and the same.

This is so beautiful.

 That should be a great reason - that should be enough excuse for Ultimate Inspiration.


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