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Is the desire for enlightenment or self realization just another attachment?

Yes, it is a kind of a desire, but it is a higher desire. its a desire that is more pure and much more.. its not associated with the negative emotions. so yes it is a desire..and one reaches there they leave that desire because they are already there. Desire is such a higher desire, so those are very pure, higher elevated desires.

Non possessives.. how does saving and setting aside for the future play into the 8 llimbs of Apryagrya and surrender and faith?

Apraygra is that you are freeing yourself by practicing this principle so that you don't accumulate and don't get attached. Because attachment is the cause of sorrow pain and misery. So you don't want to get into pain misery and sorrow you start to practice this idea.. Slowly.. to anything and everything .. slowly..
Don't give up what is necessary to start… and then slowly slowly you will start cutting that down. Like if i have 10 pairs of pants.. do i really need ten pairs? I could probably survive nicely with seven. So if one is practicing non possessiveness then one gives away 3 pairs. Then slowly slowly, do i really need 7, I could do well with 5.. and then gives away two. And slowly you minimize and minimize..
So if we are planing for the future, and putting away money.. does this mean we are lacking in Faith and surrender that we will be provided with all we need? Yes, this question has both a practical approach and also a philosophical approach. The practical approach, if you are still not totally sure, and not completely able to surrender, then yes, you do need to save for the future and have that peace from being practical. But one who has totally surrendered then yes, they never doubt that surrender even. then it is ok. Then with that surrender the consequences are as such that even if they are painful, one doesn't feel pain. It is makes his or her commitment or surrender even stronger. But if you still have doubt then yes, be practical and save.

So then doubt would be attachment?

It may not be attachment, but you get attached later… it may be that you are just being very practical and wise in the beginning, but if you get attached by worrying what if, what if, oh the shares are down, oh i should have sold my gold, oh i lost money.. Then you have attachment and worry and pain from this attachment. If for the future you were wise and bought gold because it was there then if it goes up and down or changes you will not worry.. when the time comes and you need to sell that gold, whatever the value will be will be the value… rather then worrying each day what will happen. So stress and Dis-ease could be strongly reduced or eliminated by practicing non attachment? Absolutely, thats why they say disease.. so you dis-ease… so be More at ease. Disease. and Dis- ease.. there is a close relationship.. you are not at ease that's why there is a disease.

Yes, but getting back to the question.. you can accumulate what ever it is you want.. but what they are saying is.. don't be attached to it. It simply means, i that with which you have is taken away from you, it should not create pain. That is what non attachment.
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