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Ahymsa, if your truth will cause violence in someone else.. is it a violent act to tell them?
Yes, there is a verse - Speak the Truth, but do not speak unpleasant truth.
If it's a truth that may hurt somebody else, then remain quiet. Don't say it so you are saving yourself from not lying.
The philosophy is, if a lie would benefit someone else then that lie is not a lie, because it is said or done for the benefit of somebody.
The principal of ahymsa is very unique in that the definition of Ahymsa changes depending on where and how you are applying it. It needs a lot of wisdom first to understand what it means and then more wisdom to understand how and where you would use the same ahymsa. If your actions are such that are hurting others, then from a ahymsa point of view those actions are violent actions. If not to do them would be hurting yourself, then that would be violence to yourself then one has to go deep into contemplation of what to do. If you doing it will hurt the other, and to not do it will hurt yourself, then one needs to find the middle path. That is why I am saying Ahymsa is such a principal that is very difficult a lot of the time. The degree, the who, the how, all depend. There is a small story of a hunter that shoots a deer and then he is running after the deer and he sees the deer go inside a Sages cottage. So the hunter went inside and said, did you see my dear that I just shot. The sage says, the one who sees can not speak and the one who speaks can not see. Which means, yes, my eyes saw, but my eyes are unable to say. My mouth is able to speak but it has no eyes. The sage did not tell because he wanted to save the dear, and at the same time did not lie. So this is the practicality of the teachings. It is a very vast and it takes a lot of time and you can't understand it just by definition You have to look at yourself and look at the other and come into the common ground of how far you can save yourself from nonviolence and save the other. It takes a lot of wisdom. Like in Ghandi's case he was absolutely against violence but then he was sending people and they were being shot and beaten by the British.. was it right or was it wrong.. one has to really think what exactly he was trying to do. So this question can not be understood in a plain manner and also can not be answered with the simple word - non violence. What is non violence to you, and where are you applying it, and Then what is the result or consequence of the action.. all these things one needs to contemplate.

Is their difference between Focusing on the Breath and Mantra Meditation?
Yes, they are two different techniques. Focusing on the breath is the preparation part before focusing on the mantra which takes you deeper into a higher level and is when the meditation begins. Meditation is from the mind, so mantra is from the mind, or of the mind or by the mind. Breath is not. They are different stages of meditation. The focus on the breath is the beginning stage, and then going into the mantra recitation, and then no mantra and then going into your being an doing nothing.

Is there a 'best' kind of meditation?
The best kind of meditation is when you have reached or obtained total stillness of the body breath & the mind. There is nothing even in the mind, only an awareness of your being. This is the best. This is a stage of meditation.. there is more to meditation, do not limit yourself.. each state or stage is part of meditation and is still meditation, but the final stage is when you are free from all distractions & disturbances.. you are there in totality of being aware of yourself.
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