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Panditji in Italy

Part three of an interview Panditji gave August 2011

As you see the Westernization of India.. what positive and negatives do you see happening?
Westernization of India has a lot of positive and lots of negative. Positives are that yes, people have access, the world has become smaller. They have much more information because the technology is vastly available through internet and television etc. Everyone has much more access to the Western culture and India has grown through that information and that access and this is a very good thing. Like, I came to the west and broadened my vision and understanding, so India has done the same and grown immensely by understanding and seeing very closely the western system or culture and adopted many good things.
However, the part that is not nice or negative - many Indians are somehow adopting westernization and forgetting their own culture. They are trying to become Westerners rather then 'Indians'. So from that point of view, a lot of culture, a lot of ethics, a lot of principals have been diluted. You can clearly see, in big cities, how people dress and act and how most people speak English now and less and less their own mother tongue. It has become a fashion, or a status if you look westernized, if you speak english, you think that you are 'somebody' rather then if you are wearing indian clothes, or speaking your own language. But everywhere, no matter if you are west or east.. wherever there is positive, there is negative too. They both exists at the same time. It is then that you have to really use your mind and your wisdom not to touch or take the negative things and only to take the positive. That's where Swami Rama's message is needed.. when he came here and built all these organizations - Himalayan Institutes of Yoga science, he said he wants to build the bridge. That was his Guru's message to him. "Go to the West and Build a bridge between the East and West. The West has a lot to offer to East and the East has a lot to offer to the West. So, build so that there can be a well balanced bridge of all the good qualities of the two. "
As humans we receive information from our minds, and we get information from our hearts.. how do we distinguish what is the Truth.. to trust the heart or the mind?
It is difficult to know what is the truth anyways.. whether it comes from the heart or from the mind. What ever comes from the heart is based on feelings and your experience. What ever comes from the mind is more rational and logical. So both can be true and both can be not true because even in a logical answer, your emotions are involved and even in an emotional situation that comes from the heart the mind may bring a small bit of logic. If ones selfish notions are involved then 'it' may not be true.. and same with the logic. You can justify a logic that suites you and then thereby you can say- yes this is the right thing. So it is very difficult to know. It could be that they are both true, or it could be that they are both negative. So it is difficult to say one way or the other which one is right and which one is wrong.
Pure intensions - That comes from the heart - would be right.
A logic that is based on a broad understanding and not limited to ones own justification, then it would be right decision or opinion.
What is life?
Life is a journey that one is born into to refine, to learn, to understand and to grow into the completeness. Life is a journey to understand why I am not complete and what can i do to become complete.
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