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--An article written by Pandit Dabral and taken from "Yajna" a publication by The Association of Himalayan Mediation Societies International - Swami Veda Baharati, Spiritual Guide.

fire ceremony

Fire, agni, is a primordial force in life, that which brings life and zeal. Agni also symbolizes purification, the burning of all our samskaras, all of our negativities. Fire is that which makes us as pure as hold. Fire symbolizes that your path of meditation is the path of fire, the path of shining. You are entering the path of fire. That is why we perform the fire ceremony. 

A lot of people say, "I don't care about rituals," but when understood properly, rituals are the source from which you can learn that your entire life is a ritual. Everything you do from morning until evening is a ritual, and the way you perform the rituals of you life is an art.

So when we do something in the name of the Divine, we make it very sacred. But at the same time, make everything that you do for yourself also divine - so that you are aware of the divine at all times. 

And when you do perform your meditation or fire ceremony rituals, Vysas teaches us that you will be visited by sages and saints. So, just as you clean your house properly when you are expecting guests, so should your meditation seat and havana-kunda remain forever ready, because you do not know when which sage or saint is coming to visit.  It is not because you are sitting there that you need to make the seat properly prepared, but for the sages and saints who will come. That is one principle - sauca, purification.


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