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This blog is dedicated to Yoga Meditation
in the Tradition of H. H. Sri Swami Rama of the Himalayas.
Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral, Ph.D is the Spiritual Director of
The Himalayan Yoga Meditation Centre in Calgary.
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In Jan 2010 Pandit Dabral led a 3 Day retreat in Alberta where he gave extensive lectures on the Bhagavad Gita. Below is an excerpt from a talk he did addressing decision making for the spiritual seeker.
Pandit in India
Pandit Dabral in The Himalayas of India
Shreya and Preya.

"There are two principals written in the Bhagavad Gita that we are presented with each time we have a decision to make.
These two principals are called Shreya and Preya.

Shreya is defined as that which is beneficial and Preya is that which is pleasant.
Every time that you want to take a certain path your Karma will present you with something that is Preya and something that is Shreya.
The wisdom says that the beneficial is not always pleasant and the pleasant is not always beneficial. As humans we always look for the pleasant and pay little attention to its benefit. Shreya is always beneficial but it may be very difficult, very hard, or very harsh. A seeker, one who is serious on the path of self realization, path of self discovery, path of balance, path of Yoga, whatever you want to call it - Always should choose Shreya because it is beneficial.

So in life when there are opportunities and you have to select or choose something -
Take Your Time.
What is it that you are looking for? what it is that you have in front of you?
And then Ask Your Self
Is this what the spiritual seeker, yoga student, should do?
Is this conducive to my path?
Is this going to help me? to lead me to the final goal?

That is how you will choose.
Rather than choosing based on attraction, on something that may look colourful and pleasurable, ask yourself the above questions.

Those who have chosen path of Preya will find themselves at a dead end. On the path of Shreya, they will have many difficulties, but they end up at some goal where they will be rewarded in the end.

In Living in the Himalayan Masters, Swamiji says (Swami Rama) that when his master was giving him the final teachings he created two aspects to test him; A big fire, and huge pile of very expensive and attractive Gems. Then his master said, "before I give you the final touch, I want you to choose if you want to go through the fire, or if you want to go through the path of gems. So Swami Rama sat for a moment, and reflected all the teachings that was given, and he choose to go through the fire, knowing this was the path of Shreya and not the pleasant way of Preya with riches and gems.

When you find yourself faced with the next decision, remember to
Take your Time and ask yourself, Is this conducive to my path?
Which option is Shreya and which is Preya?"

-- Pandit Dabral